Who are St. Andrew’s most eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette?

Get nominating people

Do you know somebody who turns heads when they walk in a room? How about someone who’s single and up for a bit of mingling? What about that guy that’s slowly making the rounds of every girl in his hall?

That’s right, you’ve seen every other Uni do this, and now it’s our turn to vote for St. Andrew’s most eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette. Get ready to nominate your friends, classmates, that guy who sits in the back of your History lecture who you’ve not had the balls to speak to all year, the PHD student who runs your tutorials, your lecturer, yourself (?) anyone you like. Just get nominating!

All you need to do is message The Tab St. Andrews Facebook page with:

  1. Their name
  2. Their Age
  3. Their Course
  4. What year they’re in
  5. Link to their Facebook/Instagram page or some form of social media
  6. Attach a picture of them

Applications will close next Wednesday at 12pm, the top nominees will then be contacted further and the voting will commence.

We’ll hold two rounds, one for guys one for girls. They’ll be run simultaneously, and in a few weeks time we’ll be able to officially say who are the two most eligible students in St. Andrews. So, go on then. Nominate away!