Hundreds in St Andrews protest against Donald Trump

You know what pushed the Donald right over the edge? The students of St Andrews marching against him

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On Monday January 30th the people of St Andrews gathered to protest against Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban. The protest saw hundreds gathered, including locals from the town itself, which truly showed Mr Trump what he faces if he ever visits the Old Course.

Local Resident Protesting, CREDIT: HARRIS LATEEF

The protest was organised by the St Andrews Socialist Society, where all residents involved met outside of the university Student Union. The emergency protest garnered over 300 people who brought the classic Scottish art of protest signs. The organisers of the march released a statement to the Tab regarding the event which was based on “the detestable immigration ban on the part of the Trump administration which was of questionable legal standing, and unquestionably immoral ethical standing.”


Whilst the St Andrews Socialist Society organised the initial march they “were joined by a vast chorus of student organizations from across St Andrews.” They hope that, in the future, that “that others would continue to get more involved in the political process to protest this and other injustices which run rampant across our headlines, and to see themselves as agents of political change.”

Students Attending Protest CREDIT: HARRIS LATEEF

The protest was so popular that the society had run out of pamphlets about mid way through. Now, they are urging all those behind the cause to contact their local MP. The protest was attended by people of all ages, including young children (pictured below).

The Socialist Society has responded that the turnout was spectacular and it was “lovely to see the town come out in full force”. Whilst the protest was not officially related to STAMSA – St Andrews Islamic Society – The Tab understands that some members of the university who identify as Muslim did attend and protest at the event. The Socialist society has asked for “donations to relevant causes on the front lines fighting against this, from the ACLU, to Amnesty international, and others. But really, we believe, there is no substitute for organized action.”