Drag Walk returns to St Andrews, our only LGBT fashion show

Every wondered what you’d look like covered in glitter? Here’s your chance…

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Sick of that February-feeling? Bored of dreary nights and a sea of black, colourless umbrellas crowding your path? St Andrews may not be known for being the centre of the uni LGBT+ scene; it’s smaller population and reputation for signet rings doesn’t always scream fabulous. However, this week, St Andrews LGBT+ Society is ready to take the three streets by storm with RAG week’s most sparkling event: ‘dRAG’ Walk and BOP.

Drag Walk is an annual event in RAG Week (Raising and Giving, dig deep guys) where several Drag stars strut their stuff in Club 601. The Tab spoke to Lewis Wood, President of LGBT+ Society, on all his hard work in promoting and organising Drag – an event quite unlike any other.

The purpose of the event is to a have a “fun party” – a place where people can come to really be themselves. Lewis praised the “stronger message” that this BOP offers: “it’s about being whoever you want”.

Lewis Wood, President of LGBT+ Soc and Organiser of dRAG Walk

Saints LGBT+ considers Drag to be an essential art form which Lewis argues is at the heart of “the liberty and rights that all LGBT+ people enjoy today”.

The society is hoping to to raise money for the Scottish Trans Alliance – a very worthwhile charity, which is at the hearts of many transgender persons in Scotland.

Lewis doesn’t want this year to be a cliche, but is hoping for dazzling reviews (and costumes): “every review of Drag Walk every year always marvels about how inspiring and boundless the evening is; you can come wearing a chiffon nightgown, or your pyjamas, or a chain mail dress with matching headpiece, because it’s likely that there’s already a queen wearing it on stage.”

The Tab asked Lewis for his best ‘how can I?’ advice for wannabe drag queen. He returned, the lifelong mantra: “DO NOT BE TOO AMBITIOUS WITH YOUR HEELS.” More importantly, Lewis and Saints LGBT+ want to preach the message that the night is about being authentic, as well as kind (if sassy) to everyone you meet.

Occasionally underrepresented, the night will also cater for any future Drag-kings. The event is super special because it is creating a space for people to be included – no matter what you wear.

Thadd Hall, one of the eminent judges showcasing one of the many fabulous looks that will be on display

Lewis wants everyone to know that the evening is not about the things that divide us but the equality that Drag provides: “everyone is on an equal footing.” This, of course, doesn’t just refer to the tottering heels that lads try and walk down market street in.

The event will take place in Club 601 between 20.00 and 22:00 on Friday 3rd February, with a fabulous afterparty that promises to ‘Drag Race’ the very best of the queens on offer.

Lewis, in his infinite Drag wisdom suggested we end with a RuPaul (the Queen) quote. Whatever you feel for this Friday night remember: “we’re all born naked and the rest is drag”.