Take Me Out takes on St. Andrews.

Let the Old see the Course. Let the West see the Sands. Let the Der see the Vish.

Incase you missed it, a Facebook event popped up yesterday advertising Childreach International St. Andrews latest venture. And it’s a good one.

On 2nd February at 7pm Take Me Out is coming to St. Andrews. Cancel your plans, sign up your friends in secret and get yourself down to the Union because the university with one of the highest percentage of graduating couples getting married in the UK is about to make it even easier to find the Wills to your Kate or vice versa. Maybe if you’re lucky enough you’ll be whisked off to the Isle of Fernandos, or Blackhorn considering this is St. Andrews. Maybe Nandos if you’re lucky (Dervish if you’re not).

The event is all in aid of Childreach International, a charity that work to restore the rights of children in underdeveloped countries worldwide by ensuring that children have access to healthcare, education and sufficient protection from harm, working in countries such as Nepal and Brazil. Childreach International St. Andrews hold fundraisers throughout the year, such as film screenings and even holding a club night in Lizard (RIP) to raise money for the organisation.

This event looks like it’s going to be one of the best yet, so everyone look forward to a night of fun-filled matchmaking that would make Paddy McGuinness proud.

Tickets are £3 each, and if you want to take part (or volunteer someone else to) then message Childreach International on Facebook or email [email protected]

So, let the Town see the Gown, the Sallies see the Quad and the Em see the Pire