St. Andrews ranked top 80 in the world

Although we dropped nine places

St. Andrews has been ranked the 77th best University in the QS World Rankings with an overall score of 68.2. Published today, it shows that Scotland’s oldest university has dropped a hefty nine places since last year’s rankings were released.

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Released annually, the QS World Rankings rate Universities according to research, teaching, employability and internationalisation (how well universities attract students and teachers from overseas). This year, 940 Universities from across the World were included in its ratings.

In terms of Academic Reputation, St. Andrews was ranked 172nd with a score of 54.3, a significant drop from last year’s 65.9. Employer reputation was also down from last year coming in at 167th with a score of 58.4, down from 68.2 for 2015/6. As for Faculty to Student Ratio, St. Andrew’s was ranked 149th globally and the level to which work from its faculties was cited was 82nd.

In terms of Internationalisation, St. Andrews managed to come 20th in terms of students with a score of 99.9 (the same as last year) and 77th in terms of faculty staff.

In the rankings released last year, St. Andrews managed to come 68th with a score of 75.9.

View the full rankings here.