Meet the Kallawayas

Join the filmmakers for a unique look at an indigenous population.

kallawayas pachamama

This Saturday, two students will take to the Buchanan Lecture Theatre for a screening of their documentary Pachamama.

Following a successful kickstarter, Eliza Upadhyaya and Alice Rowsome traveled to the Bolivian Andes with the goal of capturing the lives of the Kallawayas, a population indigenous to the region. The Kallawayas language lends itself to the title of the documentary, “Pachamama” meaning “mother” or “Earth”, a goddess revered by the people.

Passionate about preserving the planet, the Kallawayas have been greatly affected by climate change. The documentary seeks to present environmental issues through the eyes of a population that adores nature and its beauty.

The film will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers. Tickets may be purchased for a donation on Tilt.