Don’t forget to collect your wristbands this Thursday

The Bandstand will be home to music, ice cream, and all 2200 May Ball wristbands

kate kennedy may ball

Although associated with chilly sojourns along the Scores and middling attempts at warding off the post-Ma Bells hangover, queueing at the Bandstand has become a part of the May Ball tradition. This year, rather than spending the night camped out by the Royal and Ancient, we may take our FIXR confirmations to the Bandstand any time between the hours of 11 and 4 to receive our wristbands.

With approximately 2000 guests making an appearance, queues are expected. The Kate Kennedy Club has arranged for a sound system and Janettas ice cream to be available throughout the day, reminiscent of the Christmas Ball queue’s status as an event unto itself.

Currently, Thursday 28 May advertises scattered showers; however, the capricious St Andrews weather will likely give us some sun, if these past couple weeks are anything to go by. VIP and Classic guests alike may enjoy the music and the ice cream as they collect their bands in anticipation of this Sunday night.