Drinking Games, Fine Wine & Cheese Style

From boat races to king’s cup, the fine wine & cheese committee offered all of Bacchus’s favourite games

Having co-hosted a pair of first semester collaborations, the Fine Wine & Cheese Society has been unusually quiet this year. Perhaps owing to the difficulty of finding a venue or obtaining enough quantities of wine and / or cheese, it was a rare treat to experience a quintessential Wine & Cheese event at the Society Room of Hotel du Vin.


The venue itself was an inspired idea: Even during deadlines week, Ma Bells on a late Tuesday night offered the standard loud music and crowded dancefloor that it is known for. At the event’s conclusion, guests simply travelled from one end of the building to the other, the games providing an excellent pre-drinking session for those wishing later to continue indulging in the festivities.

Bacchus, the patron of Fine Wine & Cheese Society, lent his name to the society’s spin on a range of crowd-favourite drinking games. Although some guests chose to mingle throughout the evening, the majority of the attendees took their seats at the tables and, aided by many packs of playing cards, drank merrily into the night. The sight of King’s Cup being played in cocktail attire by wine glass-toting guests perfectly captured the event’s atmosphere!


By the evening’s end, the cheese had been devoured and not a single drop of wine remained. The more sober guests retired to the library, this week’s most popular haunt, while the rest journeyed forth to a wine-fuelled night of classic Ma Bells dancing.

Reminding us once again of the delight that is Fine Wine & Cheese Society, the Games Night was a welcome distraction from deadlines and a relief from the usual house party or pre-drinks. One can only hope that the society will return once again post-spring break.