Release Your Inhibitions: Studio 54 is Back

with all the glitz and glamour of the swinging 70s, the lizard lounge will be transformed into the most legendary nightclub in history

Between last year’s Blackout and this year’s For Your Eyes Only, GIG has proven that it can throw a good party. After the success of its previous iterations, Studio 54 will return to St Andrews yet again to delight us with a slew of Dionysian delights.

Named for the famous nightclub, the evening allows St Andrews to regress back to the glitz and glamour of the 70s, where rockstars and supermodels mixed freely among the common populace.

06 Mar 1978 --- Manhattan's reknowned disco and nightclub Studio 54 is located at 254 West 54th Street.  --- Image by © Michael Norcia/Sygma/Corbis

Studio 54 in its heyday

Headlined by DJs Scott Gordon and FLO, Studio 54 will surely be a night like no other. Guests are encouraged to come not only as they are, but as they would like to be.

The GIG recommends letting “the glitter flow, the bottles pop and your sweet inhibitions go,” advice that we should all take to heart.


memories of previous years’ studio 54

Priced at £15, the event promises an extending evening of excess lasting to the early hours of the morning. Don your most glamorous couture and join your fellow revellers on Thursday 4 February at the Lizard. Tickets may be purchased through Fixr.