RAG Week returns to St Andrews on Saturday

Drink a smoothie for charity

Beginning this Saturday night is one of the most anticipated weeks of the school year: RAG Week.

St Andrews is constantly crowded with fashion shows, musical performances, and sporadic society events. Rarely, however, do we see such an eclectic range of such occurrences so neatly organised beneath a single umbrella.

As summarised by Kristen, RAG’s coordinator: “There is something out there for everyone! Whether you’re into puzzles and would enjoy a day event like the Escape Room or you love fashion and want to go to Catwalk or even if you’re sporty and want just a fun night out with your teammates at Sinners or if you want to explore your foodie side at the Fife Food Festival, there’s something fun and exciting for you to do every day.”


Kristen Tsubota, RAG coordinator

Held to benefit the Charities Campaign, RAG will host approximately fifty events in conjunction with a slew of societies to benefit Nightline, Maggie’s Cancer, and UNICEF.

Fine Food & Dining Soc will play to their strength with the Fife Food Festival, while Save the Elephant will offer a smoothie stand to refresh students as they move from one event to another. St Andrews Got Talent, Catwalk, Drag Walk, Assassins, a classic Sinners… The list appears endless.

With a range of day and nighttime events, RAG offers something for a variety of students to enjoy.

Impossible to miss and well worth the donation money, you can find links to buy tickets in advance through RAG’s website.