Murder most fowl: ABH students hunt and gut pheasants in halls

Only in St Andrews

Freshers hunted pheasants, brought them back to ABH, and prepared their freshly killed game in the hall for all to enjoy.

Such actions were frowned upon by the wardens, who reprimanded the culprits in a gently-worded email that was recently sent around to residents. Those responsible were admonished for the inappropriate act of gutting their recent kills on the premises.


The email

The twats in tweed are a common stereotype, shotguns slung over their shoulders, off for a day in the country. Shooting being such a popular past-time in St Andrews (shout out to clay pigeon shooting club), it is not unusual to glimpse such a character ambling down Market Street, alongside the plaid-clad golfers.

Gunshots aren’t a common sound amongst these three streets, however – Auchterhouse in Dundee is the typical destination for those seeking to practice their aim.

It seems the freshers of Agnes Blackadder Hall didn’t find Dundee worth the bus ride.