The Balgove Black Tie Dinner: A night of South African pride

Wining and dining in the Springbok style

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This past Tuesday, the Balgove Larder Steakhouse hosted a celebration of South Africa. The national pride was evident from the moment we entered the venue, with many guests immediately being offered a face-painting session that left them glistening with glitter.

Set against a backdrop of the South African flag, servers circulated the room with canapés (including some divine sausages) courtesy of Gimme Dinner, complimenting the Prosecco we received upon our arrival. These drinks and nibbles whetted our appetites as we socialised in anticipation of a Balgove dinner.


The meal did not disappoint. Rice piled high with meat, bananas, and an assortment of other tasty toppings would have been satisfying in its own right; many guests were unable to finish the dessert that followed, a cake slathered in custard. Our dinner was accompanied, of course, by copious amounts of red and white wine, enough that the queue at the bar was negligible throughout the evening.

The bar was quite a desirable place to be, however, considering our ability to purchase nine shots for a tenner. The shots themselves were a Springboks concoction, green in appearance and minty in taste, and they made regular appearances throughout the night.


The meal was peppered with speeches, as well, including a heartwarming ode to South Africa by Jenny Wells and Nikita Herfet-Jones, which concluded with a thank you to the event’s chief organiser, Savannah Price. When not listening to speakers, guests were treated to a live band throughout the evening, allowing for a relaxed ambience.

Sadly, the night couldn’t be spent entirely at the Balgove. At 10pm, taxis began to roll up to the venue, and we were transported to our next venue. Equipped with stylish Springboks wristbands, we arrived at the Vic, booked exclusively for the after-party. We chased a reception of Springboks shots with candy strategically placed throughout the club, allowing for snacks in between dancing to Asquire’s tunes.


With heaps of food, a smooth transition between venues, and a lovely after-party, the Balgove Black Tie Dinner and Springboks afterparty was a pleasure to attend. It may also serve as evidence that it’s possible to throw a cracking event without a massive price tag, as for £25 guests were offered everything they could possibly want from a night out.

Photos courtesy of Lightbox Creative.