Party with the Boks at the most anticipated black tie dinner of the year

And there are quite a few

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No one gets rural like the South African Society.

Sold out within minutes, the Balgove Black Tie Dinner will be held this Tuesday 24 November at (you guessed it) Balgove Larder’s Steak Barn. Located just outside of town, Balgove is one of those exotic locations that everyone has heard of, but few people have actually been to.



At the affordable price of £25, a lucky few will have the opportunity to wine and dine with the St Andrews South African Society.

Although November is a month crammed with black tie affairs, from Nobel Ball to Welly, the Boks is certainly the only one that offers so much for so little: Drinks upon arrival, canapes courtesy of Gimme Dinner, a three course meal complete with half a bottle of wine per person, and an afterparty at the Vic. Revision week may be on the horizon, but if there’s any time to “get rural,” it would be tonight.

a springbok jumping for joy

A springbok jumping for joy

For those who missed out on dinner tickets, the afterparty presents an excellent opportunity to do your best springbok impression to the lekker tunes of Asquire. Don your finest suit and tie (or cocktail dress) and get to the Vic to celebrate the semester’s impending end.

Tickets can be purchased through the pre-sale for £3 or on the door for a fiver. Whatever the price, it’s unlikely that the Boks will fail to impress.