On the mid semester blues

It’s not all bad

I’m trying to give a somewhat comprehensive explanation about why I’m in such a bad mood all the time.

I feel like I can safely speak out for the student body when I talk about the nightmare that comes out around this time in the semester. You know this one, where everyone has like a deadline a day and you can almost feel the stress clogging up the (freezing) Scottish air, suffocating you more and more each time you breathe or hitting peak levels every time you walk into the library. It’s where every little darn tooten’ thing will begin to piss you off, and yes, and I am no exception.

Firstly, on my comprehensive list of things that piss me off, is people that leave their stuff on a computer at the library when they’re not there. I am fully in support of the new parking ticket initiative, because this is just common courtesy.


Stressed out

When I have made the trek from St Mary’s quad to the library specifically to see all my friends (does anyone realistically hang out anywhere else around this time?) and print something off I do not expect that whilst there are several perfectly apt computers that I could use no bother at all, some very ignorant people have decided to leave all their crap across them. Do you not have the common courtesy to obey a principle rule, something that almost made it into the ten commandments, “On your feet, lose your seat”?

Do you WANT me to fling all of your stuff onto the floor? Because I’ll do it. I’ll log you right off and no, I will not save that document you’ve been working on either.

What about when people move all your stuff from your working place? CAN YOU NOT CLEARLY SEE I’VE LEFT MY STUFF THERE FOR A REASON?

I came in at 8am whilst you were probably still curled up in bed to get this booth, and I plan on nesting here for the rest of the day. Hell, perhaps I’ll even hibernate here for the winter. You know why? Cause I’ve earned this. And all I do was take one tiny break from the mountains of work I have to do to get a coffee and you think you can just move all my stuff. Disgusting. Outrageous. Some people. (Am I contradicting myself? Maybe. Do I care? No.)



What else sucks is that Scotland has finally decided it’s time to stop the bouts of sunshine. The weather is dreadful, and it’s just another thing to top everything off. My already really bad day is made worse by walking through the arctic and what seems like a waterfall of rain just to get to class. Do I even get a round of applause for making it in? No. Just a death stare for being late.

Also, why is there suddenly a St Andrean flu epidemic? I swear when the lecturers all get together to laugh about having the deadlines all in the same week they then go on to release biological warfare around the same time. It doesn’t matter though, I still have to do my essay, and if I want to cough in the quiet section, I will. Instead of looking like you want to stab me, perhaps offer me a cough drop. Oh wait, it’s the quiet section! If you’re not feeling passive aggressive you’re not allowed up there.

And well the worst bit-Deadlines. Nuff said.