Christmas Ball convenor Ali Saldana reveals what to expect this year

It’s going to be huge

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We caught up with Ali Sadana, guru for the hotly anticipated Christmas Ball, to find out what they had in store with this year’s Hogwarts theme.

Christmas Ball is one of the few events that students are willing to queue hours for in order to obtain tickets. What snacks or entertainment will the Mermaids be providing to help alleviate the boredom of such a lengthy wait time?

The ticket sales queues are renowned for being long. But do not fear, we have lots of exciting stuff going on this year to alleviate boredom. Entertainment wise, we will of course have Acapella, G&S and Just So performing and also Music is Love.

There will be performances both inside and outside the venue. Snacks wise, there will be boxes of sweets and chocolate going up an down the queue, Teach First will be handing out chocolate coins and there will be mince pies and hot chocolates too.

Last year's festivities

Last year’s festivities

How does the committee plan on transforming the venue into something out of Hogwarts? Can guests expect any magical decorations?

I don’t want to reveal too much about the venue as I’d like it to be a surprise, but there will absolutely be plenty of magical decorations. Hedwig will be perched in the eaves, Butterbeer will be sold at The Three Broomsticks, Fire Whisky at The Hogs Head Inn and Sectum Sambuca shots at The Leaky Cauldron. There will be sweets in Hogsmeade, Dobby’s said to make an appearance in the grotto and you can open some christmas presents with Santa in the one of the common rooms. Oh, and you might be able to catch some Quidditch if you look up.

Last year, the secondhand ticket sale market for Christmas Ball tickets was absolutely brutal, with prices escalating to nearly £100. What are your thoughts on this industry?

Due to the popular nature of Christmas Ball, it is very difficult to prevent people from buying and re-selling tickets. We do not encourage it. We take each guest’s name and email address when they buy their ticket and on collection of their wristband we ask for ID. This is really the only preventative measure we are able to take.

Ali Salanda (Ball Convenor)

Ali Salanda (Ball Convenor)

What should guests wear to best compliment the Hogwarts theme? Should we all come in our House’s colours?

Guests can wear whatever they want to Hogwarts. But, remember it’s Christmas and everyone likes to dress up at Christmas. House themed colours are welcome, as is fancy dress, I am sure we will see some lighting shaped scars and silvery beards about. Perhaps boys should don their dress robes and girls their ball gowns for a waltz at the Yule Ball?

Any exciting treats in store for us on the night? Some butterbeer, perhaps?

There will be tons of exciting treats in store for you on the night. Look out for edible snitches, free Cava, mulled wine and a whole host of magical snacks. And, of course Jannetta’s will be there to bring you your favourite ice cream flavours. We look forward to seeing you all then. 

Ticket sales for Christmas Ball will be Wednesday 4 November at the Union.