St. Andrew’s favourite chippy ranks top 10 in UK

Fish are food, not friends

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Cromars ranked 10th in what has been known as the ‘Oscars’ of fish and chip shops.

If you are anything like some first and second years, you will only have started wondering what Cromars was  when you saw an alarming number of take away boxes in the library during revision week displaying said logo.

Our hero

Our hero

Well, if you are like those, you need to go to Cromars a bit sooner than May of second year. According to an article in the Mirror, Cromars is among the Top 10 Fish and Chip shops in the UK.



“We are delighted with the result. It shows a great team effort, and we are happy to be representing Scotland” says the owner of the shop.

If its ranking in the biggest Fish & Chip competition in the UK isn’t enough, the owner continued saying that “as of this summer we have the MSC licence. That means all our fish is sustainable and we know where it comes from.”

The award-winning chippie

The award-winning chippy

Tasha Tahir in second year said “Really good fish and chips! Besides, their box looks pretty” and Madeleine Bui, a third year, seemed inspired by the chip shop’s win, saying “‘I never knew that it was so good! I must go try it.”

So if you are in need of comfort food (week four sure is taking its toll), you know where to go.