Welcome to the Next Level

Champar’s first official event, Shine Bright Like a Belle, will be held this Friday in the Society Room of Ma Bells.

It started with a party. This past March, hundreds of students flocked to the outskirts of town, driven by a desire for free alcohol and a deep sense of anticipation: Hailed as the house party to end all house parties, Champagne for the Pain would later be referred to as “the first real house party in St Andrews.”

[iframe url=”https://www.facebook.com/thechamparsociety/videos/658619520934114/http://” width=”700″ height=”300″]

The party started a movement, and after the dust settled Champar emerged. The Champagne Party Society seeks to organise affordable yet spectacular events, each one more memorable than the last. Their ambition ranges from house parties to destination events, an example of which can be seen this Friday. The neon party Shine Bright Like a Belle will take place in the Society Room at Ma Bells this Friday from 9:30 onwards. The biggest draw of the night? An open bar for those lucky enough to arrive early. Beyond the free alcohol, guests will be treated to glow sticks, neon face paint, and some excellent music provided by Alasdair Todd and DJ Kojo.

Tickets will be £7 for members of Champar and £15 for non-members. Membership may be purchased for £18, which will grant the bearer discounted access to Champarties for the rest of the year.