A quick guide to student politics at St Andrews

Get campaigning!

Did you miss the freshers fayre or not get the opportunity to sign up to everything you wanted to? Here’s an overview of some of St Andrews main political societies, with a quote from their leaders on what they’re most excited for in the coming year:

St Andrews Green Students – Mat Cohen and Lewis Campbell ([email protected])

“We’re excited for the 2016 Scottish elections where we hope to make large gains. We will campaign on a platform of opposing ideologically driven austerity, an antiquated relic of the Cold War which isn’t fit for the 21st century as well as student campaigns.”


Conservative and Unionist Association – Ian Donnell (ikd3)

“Our Association has elected a brand new committee this year. Our association will be having weekly social events, such as Tory Tuesdays and events with guests such as Murdo Fraser (25th September), Ruth Davidson MSP and Ian Duncan MEP. We will also be campaigning in the run up to the Scottish Parliament Elections in May.”

Labour Society – Eleanor Wright (ejw24)

“I’m looking forward to campaigning around St Andrews, Fife and nationally; starting off the year with Corbyn becoming our leader is exciting, it’s a new Labour party.”

SNP Students (STAUSFI) – Julia Lyall and Andrew Mundy (jl201)

“We’ll be building on the new vibrancy and optimism in Scottish politics, debating and fighting to improve awareness of issues such as inequality, poverty and the need for nuclear disarmament- with the support of students, locals and our MP for North- East Fife, Stephen Gothium. We will hold lively and open socials on Tuesday evening at 7pm. Beyond discussion our main aim is to get out with the community and take action on these issues- such as our support for the local food bank.”


Democrats Overseas – Matt Schoonmaker (mgss)

“We’re excited to help Americans register to vote and foster a discussion about US politics that is open to everyone.”


There are many political societies to get involved with at St Andrews but you can also campaign through the union on specific issues that you care about. Toby Emerson was elected as External Campaigns Officer this year and a fuller interview with him and his committee’s plans will be coming soon:

External Campaigns Officer – Toby Emerson (te25)

“Here at External Campaigns, we’re very much looking forward to a year of real student participation in politics, and in the issues that really matter to the student body. We’ve already got some projects on the table, so we’re excited to get those off the ground. With the MUS referendum coming up we’re hoping this will boost student involvement. If there’s any issue you care about or campaign you want to get involved with, feel free to come let us know!”


Get campaigning!