Under Canvas Preview

Get Under

After sitting down with Co-Directors Sophie DeFries and Immy Guest, and Head of Press Jonathan Gibb, I can truly say I’m keen to Get Under. This year’s Under Canvas event, St Andrews’ only music festival, is sure to draw in a large crowd with their dynamic acts, unique vibes, and bubble machines.

In trying to describe Under Canvas, it was clear that there isn’t an actual theme for the event, but rather a vibe. It’s really a concept, a little edgy in nature, and all about the music. The event is moving from St Mary’s Quad to Lower College Lawn, but it’s not a loss of venue: the event will be bigger, there will be more movement, and the committee is utilising the space by branching out with tents, including STAR Radio and Music Is Love. There will be a wide variety of entertainment in a small setting, and guests can look forward to amazing lighting, an immersive atmosphere, and activities like face painting and tie-dying.

As a festival, guests can expect a wide variety of musical acts, including two major headliners: Mike Mago and Horse Meat Disco. Other performances include New Carnival, DJ Soulpatch, and Wovoka Gentle. These collaborations are providing music that everyone can dance to, with each act adding a new dimension to the evening with disco, folk, rock, and electric all mixing together to provide new sounds and chill vibes.


While music is the main attraction of the evening, Under Canvas is working to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, a charity they’ve been working with since their start in 2009. As their slogan says: “Cystic Fibrosis is our Focus”. And that couldn’t be more true, as all three committee members talked animatedly about their relations with the trust. Not only have they been generous in their charitable donations over the years, but 2015 is the first year Under Canvas has applied as a charity. Under Canvas also has worked in close collaboration with the University and local businesses in St Andrews, bringing a new event to the town.

Under Canvas sets itself apart from other events in St Andrews with its emphasis on music, its festival image, and its demographics. It’s clear this town has enough balls, and Under Canvas provides students with an entirely different night out. With changing music and plenty to do, guests will stay busy all night. With drinks and food, dancing, and a raffle, it’s sure to be a night to remember.

There is sure to something for everyone at Under Canvas this year, and if it’s Launch Party gave any hints, people are more excited than ever for the event. As Co-Director Immy, in her 4th year of working with Under Canvas, put it: “I think it’s got to be the best year, it’ll be a blow out.” So come as you are, dress fun, dress comfortable, and don’t forget your dancing shoes. Under Canvas is setting a different tone for St Andrews.

Buy tickets for the event here: http://www.staundercanvas.com/tickets99