Your new hangover food destination


Tucked away in a corner at the West Port end of South Street, if it weren’t for the giant ice cream cone and cow outside, Munch would be very easy to miss. This slightly bizarre looking restaurant came recommended to me as the perfect place to find a hangover cure, and so out of journalistic integrity I waited until a morning-after a very hectic night-before to test this theory. Thankfully, the stories were true. The two ladies working behind the counter were both lovely, with sunny attitudes fortunately compatible with a banging headache. The menu was simple and to the point: a combination of your choosing of sausage, egg, bacon, haggis, tattie scones, etc. in a roll. Add ketchup or brown sauce, hangover gone.

There were two things that particularly stood out to make this place somewhere that over-debauched students should have on their radar. Firstly, I’ve actually had real difficulty finding a good fry-up in St Andrews. I may only be a naïve and uneducated First Year who just doesn’t know the ins and outs of the St Andrews restaurant scene yet, but up until now my street trawling for simple salt and grease has gone frustratingly unrewarded. Munch satisfied these cravings completely and without hassle. I mean, you can get a take-away fry up in a box, it’s fantastic! Secondly, it’s great value. Quite often a night out can leave us wincing at our suddenly very light wallets. But Munch will help fix the vestiges of your liver-bashing with a hot roll for just two pounds. If you want a roll with everything in it? Three pounds. The best bit? You get free tea or coffee (really good coffee, believe me) with your roll! Walking out of there with the tools to fix my hangover at such a low price really did brighten my day (thankfully not in the ‘ow, the light hurts, I need sunglasses sort of way). But hangovers aside, Munch also serves freshly made sandwiches, baguettes, salads, chocolate bars and crisps at very reasonable prices, and everything looked delicious.

Waved out the door with a ‘have a nice day’, I came away from Munch delighted that it had been brought to my attention, and very surprised not to have seen a single other student there. Perhaps 9:30 on a Sunday morning may be a little early for the tastes of most, but I haven’t so far met many people who have even heard of Munch. I hope this changes, because I feel that, for many who occasionally like to over-indulge a little, Munch could be an absolute God-send.