Stand Tries: Fine Chocolate Society Tasting

Katie gets her hands covered in chocolatey goodness…

St Andrews undoubtedly has a large variety of societies devoted to nearly every interest under the sun, so, as a foodie and chocolate lover, when I discovered that we have a Fine Chocolate Society, I was immediately intrigued. I thought that it was only right to try out the society’s chocolate tasting last Monday at The Vic Social Club.

I went into the tasting thinking that I would sample a few pieces of chocolate, and that would be it. However, the tasting far exceeded my expectations.  In addition to piles upon piles of different types of Moser Roth chocolate (the best of which was the dark stuff), there were plenty of painstakingly decorative, chocolate themed baked goods, made by the committee members. These ranged from more common treats like chocolate brownies and fudge, to more innovative options like Oreo truffle balls and peanut butter pretzel chocolate balls – all of which were nothing short of excellent.

The only small disappointment was with the chocolate fondue fountain. It looked promising with a wides choice of dunking material (bananas, shortbread, biscuits, etc), but fell short of the mark due to the machine as it gave the chocolate a bit of an odd taste.

This small snafu certainly did not mar the experience in the slightest, and for only £5, Fine Chocolate Society’s future tastings are absolutely something that should be added to your list of things to do.  For more information on future events, visit the Fine Chocolate Society’s Facebook page.