The Stand Sports Freshers’ Guide #4 – The Boxing Club

John Lowe takes a look at St Andrews’ most unsung sports club…

Boxing 1

Thanks to Sylvester Stallone, we all know what it takes to become a top boxer. Hours on the bag, strict diets, running up a load of stairs at dawn and one-armed press-ups as Eye of the Tiger blares in the background. While it is often wise to avoid stereotypes, in this case, Rocky’s hard work on the silver screen seems to be accurately reflected in the ethos of the University of St Andrews Boxing Club. Train hard, fight hard and be inclusive – there’s no better way to sum up one of St Andrews’ most successful but unsung clubs.

Given the tendency of many clubs to flaunt their successes, it is hugely surprising that we don’t hear more about the Boxing Club. Over recent years, the Club has helped to nurture some of the UK’s most promising boxing talents, with former Scottish Amateur Champions Hanna Carlsson and Gardner Moore both having had the privilege of calling the St Andrews Boxing Club ‘home’. While not exactly household names, their celebrity-like status in amateur boxing circles led to their meeting last year at the Boxing Club’s annual ‘Fight Night’ being dubbed the ‘Pacquiao-Mayweather’ encounter of Scottish Boxing. Thanks to their hard work in mentoring boxers of all levels, the Club has in recent years, been jam-packed with an abundance of boxing talent, making it one of the most competitive in Scottish boxing circuits. This untrammelled success is expected to continue, and this year the Club aims to produce at least 3 or 4 Scottish University champions.

Outwith the ring, the Club is working hard to become a more common name around town. The aforementioned ‘Fight Night’ is a crucial component of the Club’s annual calendar, and is instrumental both in promoting the Club and in raising funds to support the Club’s partner charity, Families First. Held in the Union, the event has become a hugely popular night in the University social calendar, and, as the Club continues to grow, it will only get bigger. In terms of regular social activity, the Boxing Club presents a slight anomaly. Given the strict dedication of many of its members, alcohol-fuelled socials followed by an Empire kebab are a luxury saved only for post-fight celebrations. Despite this, club BBQs, dinners and the occasional pint can still all be found on the social menu, so if going big on a Wednesday night isn’t your thing, then the Boxing Club might just be perfect for you!

While the talent present in the Club’s is undeniable, the Boxing Club is by no means a closed shop. There is a vast amount of expertise to be shared with those who have never before stepped into the ring, and it is not uncommon for a complete novice to soon be competing in Scottish Student competitions. If having a scrap isn’t for you however, the staggering levels of fitness accumulated through training make the Boxing Club an attractive prospect for anyone looking to get into a bit of shape. Whether you want to become the next Ricky Hatton or Nicola Adams, or even if you just wanna tone up to impress that girl/guy in your halls, the Boxing Club has something for you!

The boxers are holding a ‘give-it-a-go’ session between 15:00 and 16:00 on Wednesday 10th September. If you can’t wait until them, you can find out more about them here: