Mexigo, or not to go?


The news that a Mexican joint was to open in St Andrew’s was met with enthusiasm, and the expected dubiousness from the large American population of St. Andrews, claiming to be considerably more acquainted with authentic Mexican food (read: Chipotle) than the rest of us (except for maybe the Mexicans). I went along armed with the obligatory two Americans to keep me in check on my opinion of their beloved adopted cuisine.

Mexigo is more of a takeaway than a restaurant, equipped with few tables and insufficient numbers of chairs, leaving one of us awkwardly perched on a window-sill in order to fit three around a table. The menu is extensive; including the main formats of tortilla based Mexican style sandwiches (burritos, tacos etc…) with a choice of fillings and a plentiful list of sides. The Tex-Mex options adorn the flip side of the menu, with a tempting list of grilled meaty treats cooked in a variety of marinades. Being gluten free, I ordered the tacos as they were the only base designated with a giant GF sign, and chose the Carnitas (pulled pork) filling, with pinto beans, hot salsa, cheese, lime and coriander rice, sour cream and guacamole. The guacamole was an optional extra for 90p, and not good enough quality, far too diluted with soured cream and not enough avocado, disappointing when the tacos already cost £7.10. I also ordered the chicken wings (on staff recommendation) in a BBQ sauce. The tacos were, frankly, delicious, soft and warm, however messy to eat, but that’s to be expected with Mexican food. My vegetarian company said the same of her burrito through muffled bites, however both Americans scoffed at the lack of lettuce in any of the food, saying it makes ‘all the difference’ and adds ‘vital freshness’. I didn’t miss it. The wings were fine, the sauce vaguely reminiscent of what I would associate with BBQ but was in truth a fairly miscellaneous sweet sauce, satisfying nonetheless and of a hefty portion.

It shockingly turned out that the ‘gluten free tacos’ advertised on the menu were in fact wheat flour tortillas and they hadn’t yet changed the menu, which I was informed of, of course, after I had eaten all my food and was beginning to feel rather queasy. They kindly refunded my meal, but I paid by being practically bedridden for a couple of days, (hence the late review). I shudder to think what would have happened had a nut allergy been the issue. However bygones shall be bygones and Mexigo shall be forgiven on account of it being their first day and for the good, fresh food.

Verdict: If you’re an American walking in expecting your prayers for a Fife based branch of Chipotle to be answered, you will be thoroughly disappointed. It’s not quite authentic Mexican or Tex-Mex but nobody seems to be complaining that Dr. Noodle isn’t like anything you’d find in East Asia… It tastes good in itself and is a welcome addition to our fast-food/dining scene. And perhaps check your dietary requirements with them before ordering…