When your parents are paying

Where should you eat when the parents visit?

If you have visiting parents and want to show off St Andrews, great food is the way to do it. With our disproportionate number of restaurants and cafes it can be hard to decide where to take them, but hopefully this will give you a few ideas. Take advantage of that last meal to enjoy your parents company with the cheque on them.

The Expensive Place

The Adamson– Take your parents along to the classy venue on South Street for a refreshing break from hall food or your own burnt efforts. You’ve made them proud by coming here, so it’s only fair they should treat you, right? The starters are delicious, but make sure you leave room for a dessert because no one wants to miss their sticky toffee pudding. Transformed from St Andrews’ main post office in 2012, if you fancy somewhere new to eat, then this is the spot for your family! Expensive but worth it.

The Usual Place

Nando’s– Every student frequents this paradise of calories, so why should your parents not be in on the treat? Show them where you and your friends de-stress and enjoy a comparatively cheap St Andrews meal. Nando’s feels like bursting the bubble with the open space, large booths and familiar décor.  With parents paying it’s always the “two side” option. The diet starts when parents leave…!

The Scottish Place

Forgans– If you want to give your parents a flavour of Scotland, then take them along to the land of tartan and haggis. You could even go along for one of their ceilidhs to throw the family together in fun and confusion. The drinks are overpriced but the food is worth paying for. If you don’t have time to go out for dinner, then why not try their fabulous brunch? It’s the perfect way to start your day or say a final goodbye to parents before leaving.

The Cheap Place

The Vic- Show your parents where you party while enjoying the famous two for one deal on burgers. The service can be slow but it’s worth the wait for this deal. Alternatively, you could test the water and try something different while your parents are paying. Students always go for the burger deal, but their other food is pretty fantastic too! The food is as well presented as the atmospheric restaurant itself. If you enjoy an art deco look with bottles decoratively arranged, instruments on the shelves and attractive lighting then this is the place for you.

The Family Place

Little Italy– This is my personal favourite of the places to take your parents. If you love Italian food but want to avoid the bigger chains, then go along to this cosy corner for something a little more personal. The service is great, the staff are friendly and the food is delicious. You can never eat too much pizza and pasta as a student! Leave your umbrella at the door and enter into a world of red Italian design and warmth to show off St Andrews at its best.


Image courtesy of fuelinteractive.com