Review: St Andrews’ Gin and Juniper Appreciation Society

Drink up…

What happens when a group of students decide that their love of alcohol is above the norm?  Yep, they set up a society dedicated to it.  Last week was the inaugural event of St Andrews’ Gin and Juniper Appreciation Society, as a nation of gin lovers this was the perfect opportunity for G and T’s to flow and debates about lemon and lime to come to fruition.

Forgan’s was the location to introduce the new society which plans to host distillery trips, talks and gin lunches.

The £5 membership got you a free Gin and Tonic and saw first to fourth years mingling to their hearts content.  A brief speech from the founders of the society brought to everyones attention the plethora of gin Forgan’s has to offer, as well as the plans the committee had in store.

As a starting event, the Gin society did splendidly in introducing their ideas for the future.  With an already impressive membership base, this society will only get better (as well as drunker).