North Point up for sale

No more Northpoint?

Establishments are turned over pretty quickly in St Andrews, some lasting only a few months, and although a select number have become permanently synonymous with our town – almost intrinsic to university life here – all things must come to an end.

North Point café is up for sale. The advertisement went up on for offers of £115,000 or over. This morning a member of staff confirmed to The Stand that the eatery is indeed for sale and that the online page is not a hoax.

North Point has developed a sort of cult following in St Andrews, famous for (allegedly) hosting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their first date. So for many years now this little diner has been packed most mornings, serving up delicious breakfasts and extravagant hot chocolates.


However, the nature of the primelocation page, advertising North Point specifically as a café rather than just a property, might well mean that a change of ownership won’t necessarily result in a change of establishment. North Point may still remain North Point after the sale.

The Stand will keep you up to date but, in the meantime, go grab a Graduate Breakfast while you still have the chance.