Keeping St Andrews frat free

Greek life tries to pave its way through the Bubble.

When one thinks of American colleges, scenes of endless keggers, red solo cups and general debauchery inevitably spring to mind. No coming of age college film would be complete without at least one frat party scene, complete with impulsive shenanigans and drunken hookups. Today, it is hard to imagine your average college without a Phi Beta Kappa or Kappa Kappa Gamma. Fraternities and sororities have been a uniquely American phenomenon, as defining an American characteristic as football or pancakes. However, St Andrews is now aiming to change that….

The charter Alpha Epsilon Pi has been around since 1913 (and in St Andrews since 2011), but it has recently been gaining popularity through its widespread promotion of events such as ‘A Real Frat Toga Party’. For a mere 12 quid, one can engage in beer pong, flip cup, and all the other classic American frat games, all while wearing a Toga and embodying the true ‘fraternal’ spirit. But do we really need frats at St Andrews? I offer a case against Greek life.

1)  Tradition. Having been in existence for almost three times longer than the United States has been an independent nation, St Andrews has spent the last 600 years without a Greek life.  With plenty of our own uniquely St Andrean phenomena (Raisin, May Dip, academic families) this begs the question, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

2)  Frat Boys. The stereotypical ‘Frat Boy’ image is deeply ingrained into every American’s mind. With such classics as Old School and The House Bunny, it’s nearly impossible to get away from this uniquely American stereotype. With their penchant for beer at breakfast and willingness to sleep with any member of the opposite sex, who wants Frat Boys at St Andrews? We have enough of a Uni Lad culture as it is…

3)  Hazing. Having to walk around campus for 24 hours with a live chicken or to eat your own vomit may sound appealing to eager freshers, but hazing is generally a bleak occasion and often an unpleasant experience. The closest St Andrews comes to hazing is inevitably first years on Raisin. So with institutions like this already so established, why bother?

4) Party Party Party. Frats are known to frequently host Bacchanalian events, resplendent with overly intoxicated frat boys and obnoxiously loud music. With their stereotype of reeking havoc on their neighbors by teepeeing houses and running naked across campus, why bring frats to St A’s? What with Raisin nearly being banned this year and recent sightings of a streaker in the Bubble, frats would merely make the situation worse.

Though it’s undeniable that we have a significant American population here at St Andrews (which often makes itself known around Thanksgiving or the Super Bowl), a fraternity adds nothing to the St Andrews experience. A student seeking heavy Greek life could easily attend the University of Michigan or Miami University instead. Let’s keep St Andrews frat free and clear of the ‘frat boy’ image.


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