Lonely Planet tells the world to visit Scotland in 2014

Scotland is risin’ on up in the world.

As the cold and visions of winter start to close in, sometimes it’s hard to remember why Scotland seemed like such a good choice in the first place. Luckily, Lonely Planet has curbed the feeling of freezing despair, telling us that we live in the third best place on the planet to visit in 2014.

Why is the home of the highlands so attractive this year? Apparently it’s the mass amount of events held in this country. Scotland’s jam-packed schedule brings appeals to tourists from all around looking for events and ways to savour the local culture.


This reasoning makes sense as Scotland is just behind Brazil on the list – the home of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. When you’re shivering in ten layers of jumpers and coats and dreaming of Rio’s hot sand beaches, remember that this year Scotland has on offer some special events like the Commonwealth Games, Scotland’s Year of Homecoming and the Ryder Cup, not forgetting the recurring Edinburgh festivals and the Highland Games.

According to the guide, Scotland also houses some of the most beautiful places to visit for wilderness tourism – like the Cairngorms and Loch Ness (not to mention our state-of-the-art little town) – and describes Edinburgh as a great place to find a city that will give you a truly gothic experience.

So while you anxiously wait for howling blizzards, keep in mind that even the cast and crew of Lonely Planet wishes they were here.


Photos courtesy of travelsupermarket.com and ruggedcrossfit.com