Get freaky with face paint

Start your own face paint frenzy.

Face painting is one of those things that tends to be reserved for children (aren’t all the best things?), fancy dress parties and Halloween. So, I’m digging out the colours and having a go at some time-honored paint traditions and a few newer works of art to get the creative juices flowing on this fine, spooky day.




There’s an art to face painting, which is much needed in order to avoid horrible deformations of the face (I once went out painted as a clown and the people at Ma Bells still look at me funny) and to remain looking a little bit like yourself. You wouldn’t want to be abandoned whilst your visage looks like it’s half eaten by a zombie, just because your friends didn’t recognise you.




Still don’t know in what disguise you’ll walk the streets in tonight, or your plan of action for the perfect House of Horror costume? Get friendly with face paint.

Images courtesy of Sarah Polack and