Hamish McHamish: wino?

Cat wine: the latest Japanese export.

At last, the dreams of spinsters everywhere have finally come to fruition! Japanese company B&H Lifes is now marketing a wine specifically designed for cat consumption. That’s right. We now live in a world where it is acceptable to get your cat tipsy. The possibilities are endless.

The feline alcoholic beverage ‘Nyan Nyan Nouveau’ costs 399 yen (approximately £2.50) for a bottle and, as of now, the company is only producing a thousand of them.

As a town that has been blessed with unusually badass cats, there is arguably no better place than St Andrews to take advantage of this. I mean, now we can have ragers with Hamish McHamish. ME-OW. Also, cat wine and cheeses can and SHOULD be a thing.

Now the obvious question is: What is cat wine drinking etiquette? Unfortunately cats, unlike humans, do not have opposable thumbs, which would make holding a wine glass difficult and probably quite difficult.

The next time you’re out on the town or having a chilled wine-night in, make sure to invite your local cat. Because the party don’t start till Hamish drunkenly stumbles in.



Image courtesy of thedrinkbusiness.com