Argos or Ar-gone?

A farewell to Argos.

Argos St Andrews, much beloved for its assortment of questionably made home wares, is no more and it is unclear what business will replace its former South Street location.

The popular chain insists that though the shop has closed they are “never too far away” and highlight their locations at Dundee Overgate (30 minutes from town), Cupar (25 minutes) and Leven (40 minutes) as close by alternatives. For the sedentary among us, there is always

According to the Fife Council Planning Department, there are two applications for ownership of the now vacant location. The first is for developing houses and the second for a “change of use”, which would involve the demolition and re-development of the property with the intention of selling to a retailer, business or other.

“Both applications are pending consideration, neither have been approved as of yet,” Matthew Herb of the Fife Council Planning Department said. Don’t hold your breath, the first application will be reviewed on 10 November. Until then, the lot will remain as is, colourfully decorated with Argos’ departure announcement. So long, farewell, auf wierdersehen, adieu!


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