The Stand wants YOU!

Join The Stand Fam!

It’s the most wonderful time of year- the opportunity to join us at The Stand! 

Read on to discover the roles we want YOU to fill.


We are looking for a charismatic, hip, hop, and happening right hand guy or gal. You will help keep the auld toon up to date with all the latest balls, concerts and fashion shows, as well as the hidden gems of events we have yet to uncover. It’s a role that demands you to go hard and not to go home (without a well-written, spell-checked review in hand). Clear recounting of (most) memories is a necessity.  A keen interest in: dressing up, editing and not waking up in the gutter is imperative.


We are seeking a high-energy, eager, and sassy student to help with the management of regular articles such as: Blind Date, Stand Tries and Stand Up, as well as to dream up new, dynamic and creative ideas for feature articles. The section is broad, fun and can be controversial, so everyone will know your name (there may occasionally be paparazzi waiting for you at Tesco). Features is one of The Stand’s most read sections and thus the position requires someone with strong writing and organisational skills.


We are looking for someone with a penchant for editing, a quick mind, and a knack for writing with spice, kick, punch and attitude. Opinion articles must be definitive, thought-provoking and relevant to the St Andrews student population, and it’s your job to help ensure that they are so. The role requires you to assist in the management of writers and their deadlines, as well as put your pen to paper and write some opinions of your own.


If you wield a camera like a sword and a microphone like a shield, then this one is for you. We’re looking for someone who loves to document the goings-on of St Andrews (even the messy ones), can command a film set, and expedite the editing process. The Deputy Stand TV Editor must be able to assist in filming events, shorts, and features along with working with other sections to enhancing their articles with video.


This position requires an enthusiastic and competent writer with a passion for all types of sport – from Rugby to Korfball and everything in between. The Sports Editor will create an agenda for sports coverage, stay on top of all major national and international (yes, we’ll cover the Super Bowl) sporting events, and report on the trials and tribulations of St Andrews’s own teams. Organisational skills and a love of sport of all kind are requested, but it is absolutely required that our future Sports Editor be able to shoot a basket from 60 metres away. We joke, but if you can do this, you have a shot at success (if you will pardon the pun).


We always encourage new writers to get in touch with us and right now is NO exception. Writers interested in contributing to any section are welcomed with open arms. We are looking for writers in: Sports, Theatre, Fashion, and Music in particular. Writers can write as little or as much (we always prefer this option) as they would like. It offers the perfect opportunity to bring your own ideas to the table and have your voice heard. This is the perfect chance to get involved even if you do not quite fancy an editing role.


Similarly to interested writers, we always encourage potential photographers to join our Stand-y family. As a photographer, you will assist in photographing events, plays, street-style, food, and so much more. We have big things in mind for photography on The Stand, and you won’t want to miss out on this year’s exploits.


Applications for all positions listed above must include:

  • A summary of relevant experience (it doesn’t matter if it’s in a CV, paragraph, or written in song- whatever floats your boat).
  • A short letter describing why you would make a great part of the team. The more creative the better.

Please email with your application by Monday 28th October. We can’t wait to welcome you to the team!

The Stand has definitely been the best thing I’ve done at St Andrews. Whether you want to write inflammatory articles so everyone knows your name or just would like to have tons of fun and boost the old C.V., it is a great thing to get involved with. Also sometimes we get free drinks.”
Chloe Sawyer, Features Editor