Ritziest golf club: St Andrews edition

Got a spare £200,000?

Golf course developers have revealed plans to build a new and lavishly expensive golf course in St Andrews. This not-so-modest project is expected to bring in the wealthiest golfers from all corners of the world.

It will be called the St Andrews International Golf Club and will feature the standard 18 holes with an extra for those tie-breakers. The project, designed by Tom Weiskopf – a former Open Championship winner, is expected to ring in at about £25 million at it’s completion. This may seem like quite a price to pay just to add to the many courses already lingering in the East Neuk, however with a joining fee rumoured to be set at a cool £200,000, the developers should have no problem getting more than their money’s worth.


By including ‘International’ in the name, the club is expected to attract the large spenders of yonder, with interest coming in from Asia especially. This will generate even more tourism for St Andrews and help the town’s economy, as demand for holiday homes and high end retail increases in the town.

For those of us not familiar with golf clubs in general, a price tag this hefty is not normal. If joining fees are as predicted, the St Andrews International Golf Club will be the most expensive golf club in British history.

If you are wondering whether this record-breaking development is going to prove a good move for the St Andrews community, we’ll see for sure when building is complete in 3 years time.


Images courtesy of playgolflondon.co.uk and linkslifegolf.com