Questing for a Shakeshack

Stephen searches for the perfect milky delight.

I love fast food. Notwithstanding the overwhelming number of generic “burgers and fries” sold at just about every restaurant (of which any have yet to impress) few eateries have attempted to bring a good milkshake into town. With no beloved McDonald’s in sight, I set out on a quest: find the best milkshake St Andrews has to offer.

My first stop was obvious: Jannetta’s. They have great ice cream, so they probably have great shakes, right? With hopeful exuberance, I thanked the girl behind the counter, stepped into the sun and took a sip. Milk. That’s all I tasted. Milk that’s been in a half-hearted blender, with maybe some artificial flavourings. My heart sank.

No matter, I told myself, I can try Luvian’s. It was even worse. I should have guessed with the way the girl behind the counter stood pensively after I ordered, as if trying to remember those oh-so-precious ingredients.

Bibi’s? Same story.

How about Gorgeous? I had heard great things about the place. The man behind the small counter handed me the drink with two straws in the cup, curled and intertwined with one another in a loving embrace. It was a nice aesthetic touch, but that was not enough to save the drink. Boring as the rest.

Finally, the name Beanscene crossed my ears. Disillusioned by my previous attempts, I did not have high standards. The drink itself was satisfactory but no better than a knowledgable milkshake aficionado could make in their own blender.

To my wonderful surprise, Butler’s wrap joint transformed from its cocoon into the butterfly of Dakota Grill. Their milkshake, though inequivalent to those found across the pond, was definitely the best in town. It could use a bit more ice cream to it though.

No, it was not the same to be found in the good ol’ US of A, but it did the job. Britain is slowly learning the art of the milkshake. I know now that when I have a hankering for the dairy sweetness that feels like home, it’s the closest I’m gonna get in this town.

In summary:

Dakota Grill – Good

Beanscene – Alright

The rest… – Don’t bother