DoSDA: Almost but Not Quite

The Stand catch up with the only un-oppposed Sabb candidate: is Kelsey Gold already resting easy, planning her acceptance speech and victory party? Say hello to the girl behind ‘Go […]

The Stand catch up with the only un-oppposed Sabb candidate: is Kelsey Gold already resting easy, planning her acceptance speech and victory party? Say hello to the girl behind ‘Go For Gold!’ and discover what she has is store for us as the almost-but-not-quite Director of Student Development and Activities. 

Kelsey Gold

Nationality: North American (California specifically!)

Course of Study: International Relations

Hi Kelsey! Your position is uncontested… so do we still need to vote?

Hi! Yes, you still need to vote. The choice is between me or RON – re-open nominations. If I somehow really piss off the entire student body and RON gets more than 50% of the vote, then nominations are re-opened, but hopefully that wont happen! No one ever, in the history of student elections, has been RON’d before. I’ve obviously been preparing for this for a really long time, so I’m still campaigning, but I’ve definitely scaled back.

Can you tell us a little about the position?

It’s split into two major parts, student development and student activities. For the activities bit, the DoSDA is essentially a line manger for societies and subcommittees, sitting on the societies committee and making sure they have all the training and resources they might need.

The student development part is a bit of a vague title! I would like to focus on employability, with workshops and events throughout the year, not just employability ‘week’. I’m also keen to work with the DoRep in terms of student development, really focusing on wellness, knowing yourself and your skills, and mental wellbeing. Those kinds of things will continue to help even after graduation!

Why did you pick Scotland over sunny California?

This was actually the only place I applied outside of the US! I read a New York Times article one morning about St Andrews and just thought, “this place sounds amazing!”, so I applied! I came to see it on a visit to the UK and loved it; I’ve been a St Andrean ever since.

What’s your favourite thing about St Andrews?

I love the history and the gown. It’s so St Andrews. I’m a big fan of the pier walk and go whenever I can. The way things like the May Dip and Raisin tie us all together – it doesn’t matter if you’re Mermaids person, or AU, or just here for academics, those things connect us all in a fantastic experience.

Where can we find you on a Friday night?

I will either be watching movies with my flat mates or boyfriend, or in the bop – I’m a classic bop person. Not quite as often as Alex [Thornton Reid] though, she’s always there!

Not single then?

Nope! I have a boyfriend of two years.  

Which halls did you live in?

Macintosh; it was really, really great. I had a roommate and was catered, so did the classic crazy first year. I’m still such good friends with all the A floor girls, and I can’t believe they’re going to leave! The worst part of the job would be seeing them go, I’ll just have to make new friends…

So have you started planning anything more concrete yet?

The shock hasn’t quite sunk in yet – I don’t think I’ll believe it until my name comes out on Friday. A major priority though will be working with Meg [Platt, current DoSDA] on subcommittee training. We’re really excited to get on it and start training for students and activities straight away, so all societies have the ability to be independent. The redevelopment is also obviously a major priority; I’m excited to get in on those meetings! The job actually starts in July, so we need to learn as much as possible while we still can. We’ve got exams, Grad Ball on the Friday night in June and then we start work on the Monday. If all goes well, I won’t have a chance to go back to California until Christmas!