How to actually, properly survive graduation

Completely serious this time, promise

How to survive graduation like a pro

University? Completed it mate

It’s time to talk about mental illness

The elephant in the room

FestivALL cancelled due to poor ticket sales and ‘personal issues’ concerning one of its chief directors

The one-day festival, whose headliners included Conor Maynard, has been suddenly cancelled by its organisers

In this coalition of confusion, who are the DUP?

May must look to form an allegiance with the DUP to form a majority government. But who are they and what policies do they support?

Girls wear makeup because we are independent and can do whatever the fuck we want

We didn’t spend all this time contouring just to impress Jack at the kebab shop

Southampton is the fourth most oversubscribed university in the UK

It’s more competitive than you think

Introducing the new Soton Tab team!

Squad goalz xo

Union reveals new logo design

Colours n emojis

Southampton awarded lowest possible score under new teaching excellence framework

Falling behind non-Russell Group institutions

BrewDog will give you a FREE BEER if you vote today

Just show a selfie of you outside the polling station to any Brewdog bar to claim it

Have you got Southampton’s best pet on campus?

We’re looking for a true BPOC

Best dressed: Common People

We’ve got all the best outfits from the weekend – did you make the cut?

Celebrating the end of exams with 12 hours in Jesters.

That’s right! Exam season is coming to an end which means only one thing: The Jester’s Annual Cider Festival is this weekend.

What to expect from Common People this weekend

Afterparty at Junk

REVEALED: Southampton students invent MatesWeb

This website was created with Machine Learning Techniques the co-founders learnt on their course.

WIN tickets to Southampton’s BIGGEST international garden party

The Soton Tab’s got four Fiesta Loca tickets up for grabs

Vote NOW for the union logo redesign

Voting closes this Friday