11 ways Soton students are spending their Valentine’s Day in lockdown

Love is in the air, so keep your masks on

Valentine’s Day, the season of love. Or if you’re single a crippling reminder of how lonely you are. This year the 14th Feb happens to be on a Sunday, so an entire day of either romantic activities with your loving partner or an entire day of self-care. However with corona thrown into the mix Soton students have had to ditch the standard date idea of cocktails at Turtle Bay or a visit Ocean Village, and have had to get creative.

We asked over on the Soton Tab Instagram what your plans were for Valentine’s Day – so if you’re still stuck for what to do, you can take inspiration from your fellow students.

Here are 11 ways Soton students are spending their Valentine’s day, cuffed or not:

‘Takeout and watching a movie over Facetime’

Or Zoom if you’re a lowly Android user. Dinner and a movie is a date idea going back decades, however this year, Ubereats and Teleparty are coming in clutch, letting us watch Netflix and Disney+ together no matter how far the distance.

‘Making a journal of photos together’

If you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to spend lockdown with your Valentine here’s a romantic idea you can nick.

‘Virtual dinner date’

Pretty self-explanatory. If you want to something a tad classier than Dominos, Southampton have a wide variety of local independent restaurants, from Mexican to charcuterie boards.

‘A nice glass of wine followed by crying myself to sleep’

We all cope in different ways. Sometimes it just be like that.

‘Studying at home, as I’m single af’

Am I paying £9,250 a year for a partner? No. Especially with the uni not offering a no detriment policy, I need to put in the hours.

Is it my name or their name on this degree?

‘Crying all day’

Seriously maybe y’all need to speak with someone.

‘A nice walk around Southampton’

Current Covid restrictions allow you to go on one socially distanced walk a day with someone not from your household. Why not pick up your Valentine? Just remember to wrap up warm.

‘Cooking a lasagna at home’

To be fair, good lasagna is better than sex.

Good scran.

‘Vodka, a bottle of wine, assorted alcohol, etc’

Just don’t text your ex after your second bottle of wine. Trust me, never ever a good idea.

‘Celebrating my dog’s birthday’

This girl’s got her priorities straight. The dog in question is an absolute stunner of a Collie, called Fern, and she absolutely has my heart.

Don’t forget it’s Fern’s birthday not Valentine’s Day.

‘Piss up with mates’

The age-old saying of bros before hoes and chicks before dicks. If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean you’re lonely. Spend it with your housemates getting drunk.

At least you don’t have to go through the hassle of putting on a full face of make up and dressing up.

Please remember however you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day,  follow current COVID rules.

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