Soton moves all teaching online until at least 22nd February

This means online teaching has been extended by at least three weeks

Southampton Uni has just confirmed all teaching will now be online until “at least” 22nd February.

This means online teaching has been extended by at least three weeks more than originally planned.

An update was sent to students this morning, with further changes about the upcoming academic semester in response to Covid-19. The university wrote: “We have had to move all teaching and assessment online until at least 22 February 2021”.

The email also says “a number of measures have been put in place” to help “reduce the impact of any disruption” caused by Covid-19 or other factors.

The university maintains its decision to not implement a no detriment policy, however. Yesterday, the Soton Tab reported a student has made a petition to the university for a safety net, as students were given last year.

Before the third national lockdown was announced, online-only learning was supposed to cease by the start of February.

A small number of courses have been given an exception to this rule, as the university believes these disciplines require “critical face-to-face teaching”. These are Medicine, School of Health Sciences and PGCE in the School of Education.

The update also announced that most students will be assessed online. As of 22nd December, exam timetables have been published on SUSSED.

Soton has confirmed that building 100 and The Bridge will be open, alongside Hartley Library. In-person support is also available at the Student Services Centre between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. To make an appointment, make sure to book.

The email also said issues of tuition fee refunds and halls refunds are “actively” being reviewed.

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