Not a single Soton student has been punished by the uni for breaking Covid regulations

Students who may have breached Covid guidelines have been sent letters

No University of Southampton students have been punished for breaking Covid-19 guidelines, despite reports of incidents that may have breached regulations occurring.

However, the university has “issued 21 letters to students who may have been in breach of Covid-19 guidance”. These letters set out the university’s own advice and remind students to familiarise themselves and adhere to the rules.

All of these letters related to concerns reported by the community about students who lived in private rented accommodation. The letters related to antisocial behaviour such as noise, parties, or alleged breaches of coronavirus restrictions.

In contrast to Southampton, five Leicester students have been temporarily suspended from uni for partying in halls and students at Brookes have been fined a total of £18,950 since the start of term for breaking Covid rules.

Additionally, the University of Nottingham has given out the highest number of Covid related fines in the country. 608 fines have been handed out to Nottingham students for breaking Covid rules.

Earlier this year, Chamberlain freshers were sent a warning letter after a breach of social distancing guidelines. An email told students: “Even if you were not in attendance at the gathering last night, failure to report the incident means all residents of Chamberlain Hall will be held equally responsible”.

The university later confirmed that those not involved in the incident would not be punished and the warning letter would not be kept on their record.

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