Soton students reveal the worst things that have happened during online lectures

‘My mum accidentally walking naked in the background and everyone told me she’s a MILF’

In August, a couple in Brazil were caught having sex on a Zoom call with the council, and despite the scenes the meeting continued. So we asked Southampton students what the worst thing to happen in one of their online lectures was, and the results did not disappoint.

‘I had a tutor’s plumber come in for a chat’

Fantastic, now everyone knows about his ballcock.

‘I audibly said “oh for fuck’s sake” when they announced breakout rooms’

The only thing worse than a boring lecture is having to participate.

‘I got called out for eating Maccies and was asked to leave tutorial to finish it’

Was it a mayo chicken for only 99p though?

‘My mic was on when I said “fuck sake here’s the try-hard again” when someone started speaking’

Don’t worry, it’s not like it highlights your face or anything!

‘I accidentally had my mic on in a seminar and I was talking to my bf instead of listening’

I’m starting to sense a recurring theme here…

‘I fell asleep and when I woke up I was the only one in the lecture’

At least the camera was off, I guess?

‘Accidentally sent a message to 200+ people tagging a boy and telling him I fancied him’

Still a better love story than Twilight, tbh.

‘My mic was on and I didn’t realise and I’d been scrolling through TikTok’

This is why I have to triple-check the button, and even then I’m still paranoid.

‘I was singing Meatloaf songs when I thought my mic was off’


‘My mum accidentally walking naked in the background and everyone telling me she’s a MILF’

Mortifying. Time to start a new life abroad.

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