‘He cut his toenails in the kitchen’: Soton students’ housemate horror stories

Toenails, mould and banana bust-ups

A couple of weeks ago, Boris Johnson announced a second lockdown meaning everyone’s favourite pubs and restaurants had to close their doors and we all had to head to our houses and chill out there for the foreseeable. For some, this is great: flat parties, movie nights, and roast dinners. For others, it’s not so good: Hiding in your room, avoiding each other and passive aggressive messages in the group chat all became a part of everyday life.

We asked you over on our Instagram, and have rounded up all the worst housemate horror stories that Soton students have to offer:

A guy used to cut his toenails in the kitchen with his bare feet on the table

That’s just vile.

One of my housemates had a boyfriend and then started a throuple with another of my housemates.

They had sex in our living room

Someone shit on the toilet. Not in…on

How? Come on! No level of intoxication justifies this.

I had this flatmate last year that always had only three small bottles of milk in the fridge and never opened a single bottle, so I had to throw the green milk out and he’d just buy more

Got milk? He did. Should’ve just stopped buying your own and used his.

One of my housemates used to leave food out for weeks, never ever cleaned up after herself

We got fed up so put all her dirty washing up in a cupboard, it was still there two to three months later – all of it was mouldy, I don’t know what she did with it.

My friend’s housemates make her do things like bank transfer 30p for kitchen roll instead of just getting it next time

Oh god. Bank transfer 30p…really? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

She started screaming at me because I apparently looked at her boyfriend in the kitchen

How dare you.

Our awkward housemate left his underwear in the bathroom so they ended up in the bin

Fair cop I reckon!

My friend was once told he wasn’t allowed to leave his bananas out on the surface because someone was allergic. The next morning, the housemates that shop together, including the guy whose allergic, had left theirs on the side, apparently it was okay because he was part of that group

Makes zero sense. Some people.

They put biscuits in my room everywhere, miss them tho x

How random.

Someone keeps on shaving their pubes in the shower and it’s completely clogged it up

Have some decorum. Or at least deal with it properly!

They attacked another one of our housemates while high and shouted insults at the rest of us

Relatable content, except mine involved one of them pulling a knife on the other.

Someone left used period pads next to our toothburshes overnight

That is easily one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard. Some people have no dignity.

My housemates whose personal hygiene was bad! The entire top floor was stanky

We all have one.

They would regularly leave the hob and/or oven on overnight and once flooded the house and went to sleep

That is sub ideal.

One of them tested positive for Covid and they refused to isolate, they said they didn’t care if they passed it on to someone old or vulnerable and they died?

It’s not like it’s a global crisis or anything.

One time my housemate shat outside my door screaming Fraser. It stank

Seems uncalled for tbf x

One of them tested positive for corona. Not his fault except he was constantly breaking the rules so kinda unfair on the rest of us and he didn’t apologise or anything

Stay home. Save lives. Or something like that.

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