Every single reason why Building 100 is the best place to study on campus

Bored of your bedroom during lockdown?

Building 100 was built in celebration of 100 years of teaching at the Highfield Campus. It opened last September and even though everyone was excited to use the newest building on campus, unfortunately, coronavirus has meant it has been closed longer than it has been open. But is it now back open! Building 100 is one the best buildings on campus and makes a change from the old, dark, gloomy buildings.

Here’s a list of reasons why you should head to Building 100:

The view is amazing

Why study in Hartley when you can look out to the Soton docks? The views from Building 100 are stunning which makes your pile of deadlines a bit more bearable (especially on a sunny day).

It’s close to Pret and Costa

One of the best parts of Building 100 is that it is one of the closest campus buildings to Pret and Costa. So you don’t have to walk far to get your daily dose of caffeine and you will have much more choice than Hartley’s cafe.

It’s super modern

Whilst Highfield has some of the ugliest buildings (yes Maths building, I’m talking about you), Building 100 makes the campus look so much more modern. Building 100 is open plan and spacious, and the big windows aren’t only good for views, they’re good for letting in lots of natural light.

Building 100 also has lots of really cool furniture, like the little study pods.

You don’t have to book

Much to everyone’s surprise, Building 100 doesn’t require booking in advance unlike Hartley. This is great for students that don’t have their life together and spontaneously decide to study rather than commit a day before. 

This is just one of the endless reasons why Building 100 is elite.

It is Covid-safe

From directional signs to hand san, this building goes above and beyond to ensure students are safe during the pandemic. Throughout the building you will notice there are Covid-safe measures in place including antibacterial wipes readily available which encourages students to disinfect their desk when leaving. 

On floors seven and eight they have a cross or a tick sticker to adhere to social distancing guidelines which should be an incentive to claim a desk. 

The downside about this is that there are fewer seats available so best to get up early!

There is a great computer suite

The computer suite is a great place to go if you’re studying a degree that relies on certain software. It is also easily accessible and there is usually a desk free.

The study rooms are spacious

Much like Hartley, Building 100 also boasts study rooms that have timetables on the door, so if one is free when you turn up, it’s all yours. The good thing about these rooms is you can chat to your mate without feeling guilty about distracting other students and they have whiteboards to help with your work, whether that be drawing a diagram of the human anatomy or an Einstein-standard equation.

The rarely used ground floor

On floor one, it’s easier to find a spot to study if you’re looking for somewhere less busy with desks by the window. There’s also an ideal spot for group work with a sofa area and a low desk.

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