Spooky season in Soton: Here are the best Halloween costumes 2020

Portswood just became even scarier

Covid may be the scariest thing we have experienced this year and while it may have robbed students of their usual Halloween celebrations, Soton students did not disappoint when it came to their costumes.

Here are some of Soton’s best Halloween costumes:

James, Third Year, Maths with Computer Science

With everyone waiting for Boris to address the nation, James decided to become the man himself. Perhaps the scariest costume of this year.

Natasha, Third Year, Biomed

Natasha decided to be a clown for Halloween “as 2020 has been a joke of a year”.

Lizzie, Elliot, Adam, Lewis, Third Year

A very colourful bunch!

Mhairi, Sean, Ceira, Katie, Sidrah, Flick, Gizelle, Lauren, and Marie, Fourth Year

Mhairi and her friends went all out for Halloween and they looked amazing. Sean, Ceria, and Mhairi look like they’re straight out of a (scary) Alice in Wonderland film.

Our personal favourites are Gizelle as Ariana Grande in the Dangerous Women video and Lauren as Harley Quinn.

Radhika, Masters, Maritime Law

Radhika went for the scary look with her amazing Day of the Dead makeup.

Ottilie, Third Year, Education

How do you make a deer scary? Add blood!

Becky, Third Year, Geography

Apparently, Becky hasn’t had the best Halloween as she was ghosted. Her solution? Dress up as a ghost for Halloween. Sometimes, the simplest outfits really are the best.

Marco, Third Year, History

Not one to do things by halves, Marco actually had two Halloween costumes. Marco says his first costume was “a vampire’s morning routine”.

His second outfit was a tribute to 90s horror films, specifically the opening scene of Scream.

10/10 for Marco for doing a full-on photoshoot for both outfits.

Jasmine, Second Year, Zoology

Jasmine went as Gordon Ramsay and honestly, we can’t fault her costume (partly because we don’t want Gordon to shout at us).

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