I got trapped in the back of Oceana and it felt like I was in Jumanji

‘I genuinely thought I was going to be locked in there till morning’

Right now you’d probably give anything to get lost in the back passages of a club while your mate is getting on it with the boys at the bar, but unfortunately for you that is no longer a possibility because we’re gonna be locked down until the heat death of the universe.

Thankfully 19-year-old Caitlin has provided us with the next best thing, after a video of her lost and unable to escape Oceana in Southampton went massive on TikTok.

Caitlin, a Soton resident and aspiring Manchester student, told The Soton Tab she was on an otherwise normal night-out in Oceana back in February 2019 when she got stuck in the back of the club while her mate chatted to guys at the bar.

“I was crying and couldn’t breathe,” she told The Soton Tab. “I genuinely thought I was going to be locked in there till morning.”

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Caitlin posted her traumatic experience on TikTok a few days ago. The video shows her running through the back corridors of the multi-level club, all alone. She says repeatedly: “Help me! I’m stuck inside Oceana”.

When she realised she was trapped she started running through every door she saw, trying to find an escape. The video shows her searching through empty rooms calling for help.

Describing the experience she said: “Chaotic is the only way I can describe it, pure chaos.”

Eventually Caitlin found a fire exit door that led to the car park. She opened the doors to find her ex in his car, and her friend who she had originally come to the club with both looking for her till past 3am.

She was trying to escape an empty Oceana

Caitlin received hundreds of comments asking for more detail. She obliged with a two-part video explaining how the night’s events unfolded, and how she ended up trapped in Ocies.

She says in the video: “It was literally a labyrinth, I felt like I was in Jumanji.

“Me and my best friend were out clubbing, and obviously we had both been drinking.”

Explaining how she left to explore the back of the club while her friend chatted at the bar, Caitlin said: “I did not know where I was, every time I saw a door I just dived straight for it.”

Throughout this ordeal Caitlin “did not see a single soul”. Her best friend kept contacting her asking where she was, but she did not have a clue. She says she was crying and hyperventilating all the while running through the back corridors of Oceana. She tried to exit through the main doors of the complex, which were locked.

The main doors of the complex were locked

“Eventually I got out by finding a fire exit door. All I remember is opening the fire exit door and my ex was in his car there,” she says in the video. Her best friend also came out to meet her.

At least now Caitlin can look back on it and laugh. She says in the video: “I would pay so much to see that CCTV footage, because I was literally running around like a headless chicken.

“But if I’m honest I would do anything to be locked up in Oceana than locked up here. I took that time for granted.”

To all those who may find themselves in a similar situation, Caitlin says: “Please stay with your friends.”

Caitlin is hoping to go to university in Manchester in September.

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