Take a break from the bad news to look at the secret cute pets of Soton students

Landlords, look away now

We wanted to know just what sort of furry friends, other than rats, were hiding away in Southampton’s student houses. The answers were totes adorbs, and some were downright odd. Scroll down to see some of Soton students’ cutest housemates, we hope it’s therapeutic.

Vicky – Sociology

Vicky’s “therapy-hamsters” were the perfect way to decrease stress when the house was feeling a little down and “hating life”. A perfectly concealable pet that can easily be popped behind a suitcase when the landlord comes to spy (they actually did this).

Charley – Biology

Budgies, Bonny and Beau, definitely win Soton’s cutest couple! They are apparently great company, and hilarious to watch.

Anonymous – Zoology

What would you do if your housemate turned up with seven gigantic millepedes? Run, cry, scream? All totally valid options. They are kind of cute, if you can look past the legs, body, and thought of them crawling over you in the night. The fact these housemates study zoology makes a lot of sense now.

Georgia – History

Buddy followed Georgia down her road and into her house, he had no collar so they asked around to see if he belonged to anyone. The owner told them he liked to roam around and sneak into people houses – he was an independent boy that couldn’t be tamed! They cuddled him for a bit, gave him a snack, and let him chill on his own time. Eventually (sadly) he returned to his owner.

Emily – Psychology

Perry and Gerry are another close contender for best couple, but this award definitely goes to ‘Best Housemates’.  After longing for her childhood guinea pigs for some time, Emily’s housemates bought these two for her last November. They all live in harmony in their house… “Pussy palace”, pretty on trend with the pet theme I guess? The guinea pigs are super plump (me and you both), pee constantly and squeal a lot when they hear plastic crumble because they think its spinach – can’t relate.

Anna – Biomed

Nacho was an impulse buy over Christmas – but no regrets here! With a landlord that forgets you exist (even when you think there’s a gas leak), he’s free to roam around to his little hearts desire.

Bella – Biology

This pet isn’t so much as invited, but more always appears. Named Floofa by the house, he prowls the neighbourhood and answers to no one – the girls love him because of his gorgeous mane, but he has a dark side. He only appears when you’re naked in the shower … some may say creepy, others say clever? They’ve done experiments by turning on the shower and out of no where he appears. Who trained him to do this and why?

Izzy – Psychology

In memory of Hamlet – Soton’s finest fish friend, may he rest in peace.

Emily – Linguistics

“This is Onion, he stayed with me despite my landlord saying no. He’s pretty thicc, just vibes in my cupboard when the landlord comes over or we have viewing.”

Onion, we love you, stay safe!

If you have any other weird and wonderful uni house pets, you can DM them to us on Insta.