Soton grad’s original song ‘COVID-19’ is surprisingly heartwarming

If you are looking for a silver lining, this is it

A Soton Economics and Finance Graduate has written a song entitled ‘COVID-19’ in light of the pandemic, but don’t fret – it’s actually a rather sweet, if slightly paradoxical love song.

Trawling through social media of late has been anything but cheerful, in fact there’s been enough panic to clear the aisles of our big ole’ Sainsbury’s and move the rest of the year’s lectures online. Thankfully, Jack Wingate was on standby with a soothing, acoustic number to pull us all together.

Jack posted a video of himself performing his original song on Facebook, guitar in hand, with the caption: “There’s a song for every situation, and if there’s not, just write one. Stay safe everyone!”

There's a song for every situation, and if there's not, just write one. Stay safe everyone!

Posted by Jack Wingate on Tuesday, 17 March 2020

The steady rhythm and witty lyrics guide us through the ill-fated love story like its no bother. Not only that, but it asks some serious questions like “how can I lose money when there’s nothing to bet on?” and “how can I fly to Benidorm when there aren’t any planes in the sky?” The Soton Tab spoke to Jack to find out more about his novelty song.

How long did it take you to write?

“About half an hour maybe, not too long. I pieced the chords together myself from scratch, so it’s brand new, unless I’ve accidentally stolen it from somewhere else without realising.”

Did you have an inspiration behind the song?

“You know, the biggest inspiration was probably coronavirus itself. There’s been a lot of negativity so I thought it would be a funny, lighthearted thing to do.

“Even though the song isn’t a happy, upbeat song like ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams, it was meant in jest.

“It’s good to take these serious matters and de-serious them.”

What were your hopes for the song?

“Just to make a few people smile. If in the meantime I become a popstar then that’s great, but it’s not the main aim.”

Are you pleased with the response?

“If you put it out there and make one person laugh, then that’s good with me.

“I was a bit concerned people would think I had the virus because I don’t, but thankfully I haven’t had any messages telling me to stay strong.”

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