Soton biomed students granted deadline extensions because of coronavirus

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Some University of Southampton Biomedical Sciences students have had their deadlines pushed back by an entire month, The Soton Tab can reveal.

This morning, it was announced that the University have brought Easter break forward by a week, starting today.

The Soton Tab has obtained an email, sent today to the whole of Biological Sciences, that says any deadlines for next week which require physical hand-ins have now been extended until 20th April – the start of the summer term and over a month away.

The email says: “The deadline for assessments that are due to be physically handed in next week will be extended until 2pm on Monday 20th April.

“For any work which is already due to be submitted electronically between now and the 20th March, those deadlines remain the same.”

The Soton Tab spoke to a third year biomed student. She said: “I’m happy about the extension as it takes the pressure off but I think it’s a bit unnecessary. As work was due next Friday most people have either started or nearly or already finished it.

“I’m also annoyed about having no lectures, because alongside strikes for some modules there is now minimal content they can even examine us on. Why am I paying £9k for the privilege?”

This email led some students to believe that their dissertations, which were due next week, had extended deadlines. This was later clarified in an announcement on Blackboard, which said: “We are going to ask you to only submit your work electronically” by the original deadline date.

This article has been updated. A previous version wrongly stated that some dissertation deadlines had been extended, but this was later clarified in a subsequent email to students. 

It is not yet clear whether deadlines and dissertations in other subjects will be affected. If yours is, DM us on Instagram @sotontab.

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