Single ladies, are you Soton’s Most Eligible Bachelorette? Nominations now open!

Finally, something good about being single!

Do you know someone who’s used every dating app? Or someone that’s bored of being single? Now is your chance to nominate someone you think would be suitable to be Soton’s next Most Eligible Bachelorette!

Take a look at last year’s nominations, which included DJs, a Cara Delevingne lookalike, and a gal who reckons she can drink more Dark Fruits than anyone else in Soton.

Think you fit the bill, or know anyone who does? Fill in the form below to nominate someone (or you can nominate yourself!)

Lads: Think you could be given the title of Soton’s Most Eligible Bachelor? Click here to nominate yourself!

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Lads: Reckon you’re Soton’s Most Eligible Bachelor? Nominations are OPEN!

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