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Soton students have their say on the strikes

Many are not happy about the four week disruption

With the University and College Union (UCU) beginning their industrial action today, we have asked students at the University of Southampton what they think.

The eight day action in November and December of last year saw over 60 universities on strike, but beginning today, UCU will hit an even bigger number of around 74 universities. The planned 14 day action will escalate each week from the 20th February to the 13th March, spreading over four weeks.

This is now the third wave of strikes since 2018, so it's fair to say that many are feeling fed up.

We asked students what they think about the strikes

A history third year made a valid point about the strike action itself: "If the last round of strikes didn't work what makes them think this one will? Need new tactics!"

Others demanded a refund for the hours of lectures they have paid for yet not received over the years.

Vicky, a psychology third year said, "Can we get reimbursed for the lectures lost? I've lost about 40 days of lectures over 3 years".

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Well, can we?

Charlie, a computer science first year said, "Can't they just do it at the weekend instead?"

A third year economics and management student agreed, said the strikes are "wasting the massive amount of money spent on our degrees with little success".

Bethan, a Spanish and linguistics second year said, "Absolute joke, we should be compensated for it".

The university are currently not giving compensation for the disruption, but other uni's are

A second year and sociology and criminology student said, "We should be getting some money back for the lecture days we are missing – Sussex do".

An email seen by The Soton Tab that was sent to a student from the university said, "Wherever practical we will put arrangements in place to offer alternative learning opportunities and support to help you successfully complete your studies. We will therefore not be providing compensation or refunds."

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Some students have mixed feelings about it all

A maths third year said, "Honestly not that deep if the lecturers tell us they're striking, but if not they're c*nts".

A history and politics second year said, "less lecturers seem to be striking than last time, a few of them say they can't afford it".

Another student said, "Doesn't affects my course but I feel intimidated by striking staff outside buildings".

A few are in support of the strikes

Harry said, it's "good because it means I can do more nomming mid week."

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I'll leave you to decide what nomming is

Megan, a psychology and criminology second year said, "support the unions, don't let your lecturers be mugged off".

Does it feel like our education is being compromised? Do we deserve some form of compensation? Save the Student have released information on how students can potentially claim some money back.