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Soton student’s bedroom ceiling collapses in Portswood

Portswood couldn’t cope with Storm Dennis

We all know living in Portswood has its faults: From rats swimming up toilets and eating pasta bakes and pigeons flying down chimneys, to paper-thin walls forcing you to listen to your housemates' every shag. But now there's a new danger to contend with: collapsed ceilings.

On Monday, after the long, long weekend of Storm Dennis, Soton fourth year Alex's bedroom ceiling fell in, in his Portswood house.

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Alex told The Soton Tab: "The ceiling just lost the will to live after those storms.

"Gotta love Portswood housing."

It might not be finding a decomposing rat under the floorboards, but having no ceiling is definitely up there with the least-ideal of all Portswood housing situations.

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In true Soton student style, the house just decided to accept the reality of their grim situation. "We saw it, thought ahh fuck, texted the landlord and headed off to Spoons," Alex said.

The hole's in the corner of Alex's bedroom, so luckily he can still sleep in there, although he says it is "a bit leaky" – fingers crossed Storm Dennis doesn't come back and rain all over his bed.

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The house's landlord is now fixing the roof, but Alex said: "To be be honest I dunno how, because the bloody roof has a hole in it."

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The hole's now been patched up by Alex's landlord

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